Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions for agencies considering IPS for their hiring needs.
How much will IPS services cost my agency?
IPS offers a free assessment of your current hiring process and will build a solution specific to your agencies needs. Prices will vary depending on the services we provide but we strive to offer solutions to fit any budget.
How often will my agency receive an applicant list?
Agencies will receive an updated applicant list quarterly upon the completion of each BPOC testing cycle.
Is this a statewide list?
Applicants come to IPS from all over the U.S. for better chances at a Law Enforcement career. Out of state applicants will have specified their willingness to relocate.
Is IPS testing for my agency or for multiple?
Testing will be announced regionally and may include any applicant pre-registered to include applicants from other cities and states. Agencies will be selecting from the cumulative database of qualified applicants.
If my agency has special hiring requirements (such as a degree) can we list them?
Absolutely! IPS will build a hiring solution catered to your specific needs including special requests. Our custom applicant lists will only show applicants that meet your hiring standards.
Is there a need for my agency to continue our normal hiring practices?
IPS can assist in certain areas of your hiring process or handle it in it's entirety. Our goal is to remove as much burden from your agency as possible.
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