Take One Test and Apply at Multiple Agencies

Invision Public Safety's staff is well versed in the public safety hiring process and have years of experience
processing applicants. We have developed a streamlined system that will save you time, money, and energy.
IPS will allow you to apply at multiple agencies with just one test increasing your chances of being hired.


BPOC - Basic Police Officer Combine

The Basic Police Officer Combine (BPOC) is used to assess the capabilities of a new recruit looking to enter the public safety work force. >The BPOC includes the following:

• Online Personal History Statement

• A civil service validated written exam

• Physical Abilities Testing battery

• Ranking in BPOC testing registry

Background Background

Administrative Investigation

We offer applicants the opportunity to have their personal history statement reviewed by a certified Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE) background investigator.

Any concerns or questions can be addressed that might arise during a full background investigation.


Performance Profile Assessment

The BERKE performance profile assessment comes from a candidate's participation in an online personality test.

The client agency receives a report about the candidates job-related strengths, weaknesses and suggestions on how to help them improve.

The candidate also receives a report to help guide them in their professional development as they progress.

Oral Boards Oral Boards

Oral Boards

We have developed a customized oral interview process designed to assess and evaluate an applicant's ability to perform the actual duties of an officer through a unique battery of scenario based exercises.

As an option the scenarios can be recorded and attached to their applicant profile to boost your attractiveness to potential hiring agencies.

Additional Services Additional Services

Additional Services

In order to boost your profile and show hiring agencies that you are a serious candidate, you can opt to complete the following pre-employment screenings.

The following pre-employement screenings are then securely attached to your personal hiring profile: Polygraph Examinations, Psychological Evaluation, and Medical Screening